To ensure the youngsters receive the kind of targeted consideration from your nationwide and regional authorities. There shall be constituted an assembly of Kabataang Barangays who are members of the Katipunang ng Kabataan, compiled in a with the objective, operating as being a specific body empowered to accept or disapprove reviews of the Sangguniang Kabataan administrators or election on the number-confidence motion contrary to the elected officers.

There shall be constituted a congress at the public and town degree of Sangguniang Kabataan authorities, compiled in a with the objective, behaving like a unique body empowered to agree or disapprove accounts of the SK Federation officers or election on the number-confidence movement against an elected federation officer/s.

The lower house approved A3- year postponement without bestowing power to the obligatory Sangguniang Kabataan to put on power. Presented, that no enrollment of new associates will probably be permitted after the plan interval for Sangguniang Kabataan selection has begun.